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Earn 10% in Points. Reward Yourself.

When you visit 10 times, the 11th Visit will be Free!
Earn points


Earn Points. Redeem Anytime!

We love rewarding our loyal customers, and that’s why created a point system. For each visit you’ll earn 10% credit for your next visit!

How does it work?

It is very simple. Once you come to our salon we will create an account for you – it is free. And we will track how much you spent with us for all visit(s). Each time you purchase a service we will then put 10% of the total purchased amount as a credit in your account. For instance, if you came for a manicure and spent $35 – then we would create a credit for $3.50 which can be used for your next visit.

Will 11th visit be free?

Yes, after coming to our salon for ten times your 11th service will be free!

Is this similar to a punch card system?

Yes. Some salons manually keep track of visits using a punch card. We use a computerized system that can accurately track all our customers and their preferred services.

Can I redeem points anytime?

Yes,  you can redeem your points anytime!